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Don’t Believe in Fortified Foods & Supplements

Food fortification is used to include nutrients to foods regardless of whether or not they were present initially. Fortified foods and supplements are nothing unfamiliar in the food industry. This practice began from the time that iodine was first combined in salt to lessen the occurrence of goiter in America. Now, people can buy a varied assortment of fortified food...


Broccoli – Your New Superfood

Superfood is any food that is heavy in nutrients and is especially beneficial for health. Now the leading question here is that – Is broccoli a superfood? Let’s see what we can conclude about it. First of all, this vegetable is chockfull with not only vitamin C but also is a valuable source of vitamin A and K, fiber, magnesium,...


Why are politicians in Slovakia purely stupid

I just read an article on about Slovakian government and their new law lowering taxes on certain types of foods from 20% to 10%. The main reason why they did so was to help poorer people to afford the most essential foodstuffs. Hopefully most of you will now think that all the nutritious food we need to thrive on...


Paleo diet vs Plant Based Diet

I have been thinking for a while about what to write about today. There are many topics I want to explore and give my attention to. Lately, I looked more in depth into the human nutrition and found out that this is one of the most discussed and controversial topics on the internet. And now I can see a potential...


Why are our parents wrong about the food we eat

An interesting title, isn’t it? Well, it’s not always true that our parents are wrong, they usually want the best for us. But unless they have great interest in the nutrition and constantly looking not only at the current trends and scientific research, they could be wrong. Maybe you were told to drink your glass a milk a day, maybe...

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